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> Online self-assessments are internet based orientation and reflection tools that allow self-evaluation of one’s suitability for specific fields, study programmes, trainings or professions.

> Online self-assessments allow the alignment of interests and skills with the expectations of a specific fields, study programme, training or profession in the privacy of one’s home.

> Online self-assessments are low-threshold services of educational institutions, other institutions or companies for their students, trainees, clients or customers.

We have

five years experience running self assessments in higher education.

We help you

develop and implement online self-assessments for your institution.

We understand ourselves

as your project partners. Our approach is cooperative because we want to provide the product you really want.

testMaker 4.0

testMaker is a web-based software for displaying, delivering and evaluating psychometric tests. It is primarily designed to meet the needs of web-based self tests with a feedback (self-assessments), but can also be used for other kinds of online surveys. No programming or HTML knowledge is required to create and use tests with testMaker.

We help you

migrate your testMaker installation to the new tm4 version (for versions 3.5 and before).

We offer

consultation and trainings for testMaker 4.0 and former versions.